This project is currently in its realization phase - in february 2020, we won the university's goAward and with it the support of the city of Schwäbisch Gmünd. The city provided us with a workspace in the in :it building where we can continue working on the project besides our studies. We also won a Highly Commended distinction from the Mia Seeger Foundation 2021. Check out the Award Presentation.

We cooperated with Birne7 for this project. They have made themselves available to be our project mentors and to support us with their expertise and contacts. Birne7 is a non-profit association with its headquarters in Erlangen. The nonprofit organization advocates for people with disabilities while developing technical solutions to overcome barriers.

I joined LEIPS in my second semester. The concept was a semester project by Moritz Hartstang and had such a groundbreaking vision that I convinced him to continue working on this project. We joined forces to realize it together, Moritz focusing on the development of the game and me working on communication management and marketing. Together we sit down every week to improve the concept and talk about details.  

The problem in our society is the everyday language barrier that people with either vision or hearing impairment experience. A barrier that people without limitations are often unaware of. However, we believe that not being  able to communicate with each other in important situations is a lack of basic knowledge and education that should be the focus in an inclusive society.

The social game LEIPS (Spiel (play) spelled backwards) addresses the root of the problem. A game that people with and without impairments can play, while learning the other's form of communication. While playing the game you learn how to spell with Braille and Roman letters, and to communicate through sign language. LEIPS breaks the present language barrier. Our core user group is children and their parents.

Do you want to learn more about how the game works? Click here ︎︎︎
An articel about our project: Articel ︎︎︎

- We want to create an inclusive society -