This full stack system allows students and faculty at the HfG to borrow bikes and lend out their own bikes. Our test bike was the university-internal E- Cargo bike. Here we designed and prototyped a lock, concepted and coded an app - a full stack project.

1. Project Context 

In the small town of Schwäbisch Gmünd, you can reach a lot by foot. Nevertheless, for some trips you need a vehicle, which helps you carry your load. That is a problem that our bike share system fills. The idea is to build a network of bikes for students, that allows them to both borrow or rent for a self-selected number of hours/days. A trip to the hardware store, a bike trip with friends or shopping at Edeka is no longer a problem. We enable simple, fast and efficient mobility, which is also sustainable.


2. Process

For our purposes we modified university’s e-cargo bike. The project was really extensive, because we had to focus on many areas at the same time such as: design, prototyping, programming and legal questions. We prototyped our own lock in that the material costs are many times lower as other automatic locks, you can easily reproduce it and it is much more secure and stable due to aluminum plates between the lock.
3. Prototyping 

The bike can be unlocked and locked via our app and a button which is attached to the side, for this we needed a secure lock to store the Lora and GPS module - so we know where the bike is located and it can send data to our back and frontend. 

4. Final Design 

The system can be used through a Progressive Web App, which was implemented by us with the framework Vue.js. The PWA can be added to the home screen on IOS or Android smartphones or accessed on the web. Only university members and staff can log in to the app and borrow the university’s ebike.

This project made use of all areas of a designer and our team was able to utilize the strengths of each individual for a successful final product. We are currently working on this project, with the support of our university and are planning to expand the infrastructure in Gmünd. 

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bikeshare3 Semester, Prototyping - Design Lead, Concept, Construction, Protoytping (Lock)