own projects

2020/ ongoing

Realisation/ MarketingTeam: Moritz Hartstang und Tara Monheim — The parlour game LEIPS overcomes the language barrier between people with either visual impairment or hearing impairment and without disabilities. During the game you will learn how to read Braille, use sign language and spell with Roman letters. The game not only enables communication, but also creates awareness of the life of the other player and leads to inclusion.

some illustrations

2019/ 2020/ 2021

since 2021

We are a non-profit association for sexual education. We educate by creating info materials, among other things. We want to inform about sexuality in a well-founded way, detached from taboos and heteronormative gender roles, and thus support the discussion of the topic within schools and extracurricular environments.

since 2020

We are a team consisting of different semesters and study courses at the HfG in Schwäbisch Gmünd. We are curious and have a pioneering spirit! As a team we have started the first online magazine at a design university where we work on regular posts, podcasts and contributions in the field of design.

articles I have co-written: Machine Learning, Vergangenes Lernen, Neues Gestalten