sustainable nutrition


Planetary Health Diet

The basis of this project was the Planetary Health Diet. This diet was designed in 2019 by 37 international scientists. It aims to be a guidance and to raise awareness to prevent food shortages worldwide by 2050 while protecting the planet.

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Project Context

Our basic idea is to help people eat healthier and more sustainable. We realized early that an App alone will not achieve the desired behaviour change within a critital mass of people.

We need to ask ourselves: what are we eating and why, how does our food influence us, what does it do to our bodies, what is it made of and where does it come from.

We dedicated ourselves to these questions together with an extended team of about 30 users, stakeholders and experts.

After many rounds of iterations, it became clear to us that no concept will have an impact without an inherent interest on the subject. This can only be awakened through information and education. That's why we came up with a concept where several strategies go hand in hand. Education is the key to it all.
Final Concept

 - Three Strategies - One Concept - Triple Win -

sustainable nutrition - 3 Semester, Design Methods, User Research - Concept, Sketching, Interviews, Research
*** This project was a process where we worked closely as a team