water crisis


Project Context

Water is a resource that many people around the world take for granted. But water is a finite resource and still a luxury in many countries, although access to clean water has been considered a human right since 2010. The following data visualization compares and contrasts in abstract form the consumption of water, access to water, and size of population of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) from 1996 to 2015. This interactive data visualization is intended to bring the value of water to the forefront of our minds.
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The topic tested us at the beginning, as the data sets were numerous but not well sorted and the documentation of some countries and years was completely missing. In addition, we found that data is often concealed rather than published, as water is a resource that is also driven by political and capitalist motivations and backgrounds. After a lot of research and restructuring of some data aspects, we achieved that our data sets became more extensive and complete. Thus, we ensured that our visualization was based on a broad data set.
Final Concept: 
sources: Aquastat - OurWorldinData
Our parameters:
  • the years 1996 to 2015 (temporal parameter)
  • Population of the BRICS countries of these years (geographical parameter)
  • Percentage of the population that has access to water
  • Percentage of total water consumption on the basis of 2015
  • Household, industry and agriculture sectors (economic parameter)
︎︎︎ Visualization Prototype on Figma 

- Data Simulation brings Data to life and paints a picture of that data so we can interpret it - 

water crisis - 2 Semester, Simulation - Concept, Data Evaluation, Digital Prototyping

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